Ron Richardson

Senior Software Engineer / Data Scientist

About Me

I am currently a first year graduate student at Mercyhurst University, studying Data Science, expecting to complete the program in Spring 2019. I am also an application developer and IT manager with 15+ years of business application development and analysis. I have successfully worked with teams across the globe, from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies.


Clover Technologies Group

IT Development Manager

As IT Development Manager at the Erie branch, I was responsible for managing all the development and personnel for the department. I have successfully implemented several systems to aide in the productivity of the 4 person team, including best practices and standards, and continuous integration utilities.

I was also responsible for smooth integrations with other development teams across the globe. This includes a 4 month long project to migrate a custom ERP solution over to Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Working with remote development teams, I successfully implemented a solution that resulted in zero unplanned downtime in the months after go live.

I was an integral member of the acquisition team. I worked directly with the CFO, CIO and Presidents of both companies involved, providing critical data and information, leading up to and after the acquisition. I was able to work with all departments, from Accounting to Operations to the Executive team without slowing down the process.

In addition to managing the local development team, I was also responsible for continuing to develop solutions for the local office. These projects include:

  • building a pricing model engine and price list generator that handles complex pricing models for over 50 programs and 10 product lines
  • analyzing and assisting in developing a patented web-based application with a Ukrainian development team for the automatic detection of mobile devices, used by several top retailers and wireless carriers
  • developing a full suite of email management tools, including integrations with several external email services
  • setting up a data warehousing solution, allowing for smoother reporting for all business units, managing over 100 million rows of data dating back to 1998
  • maintaining the development for a custom framework that runs over 30 websites, allowing customers to view real-time account and shipment data, handling nearly 2 million records a year

Clover Technologies Group

Lead Developer

As the Lead Developer at ERS, I was responsible for making decisions that directly impacted the direction of all software development at the company. I analyzed business requirements, and worked closely with every department in the company to provide the best technology-related solution for their needs.

Working with the IT Director, I developed web-based software to manage inventory, sales, purchases, contacts, and several other critical business information. This software was responsible for running a $80 million company, handling over 15 million units of inventory across multiple facilities within the United States and Canada.

I also architected and developed a production inspection application using ASP.NET and C# that handled 3 shifts, processing and cataloging over 1 million units of inventory each month. The inspection application was built using touchscreen monitors and handheld scanners to eliminate the need for typing, which reduced user errors by nearly 95%. The application also tracked employee incentives and job tracking, measuring performance of each product line and employee, allowing the Operations team to optimize the warehouse setup.

Clover Technologies Group

Contract Developer

As a contractor, I was responsible for the development of a custom ERP solution for a small business. Using classic ASP and Microsoft SQL Server, I developed several internal forms handling transactions for shipment processing, purchase orders, sales orders, and inventory management. This development was used by every department in the company. Reporting to the Lead Developer, I was responsible for implementing the specifications from the end user and responsible for testing my work before deployments.

Freelance Consultant/Developer

I have assisted in the development for several clients as a freelance software developer. Projects and clients have varied in size, and include:

  • increasing performance and usability of an ASP.NET WebForms based project management system for a privately held government contractor
  • overhauling and refactoring a web based quality control interface for a major pharmacy automation company, by consolidating the mixed use of ASP.NET WebForms and MVC to a common platform and coding standard
  • redesigning a mobile web application for employees to retrieve paycheck information, manage tax forms and information, and tracking vacation and holiday time
  • developing a franchise management system and custom workout timer for a regional boxing and fitness center using PHP


Mercyhurst University

Fall 2017 - Spring 2019

Masters of Science in Data Science

Relevant Coursework:

Penn State University

Fall 1998 - Fall 2002

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

Minor in Management Information Systems


Python ProTracer

The Python ProTracer is an application built in Python to visualize the trajectories of golf shots from golfers on the PGATour. The idea was to load up one or more shots from data provided by the PGATour and show an animated chart of the ball flight. Python ProTracer is a stripped down version of what is used on television broadcasts to help the viewer see the ball flight immediately after the golfer has made their swing. The application uses real captured data of the ball flight to visualize it, rather than calculating the flight based on ball speeds and launch angles.

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Data Visualizations

A collection of data visualizations, created for class assignments. Each project has a writeup of findings with several examples of data visualiations. Each project are Python and Jupyter notebooks and use several different plotting libraries, such as matplotlib, pygal, and seaborn. The first project uses a common dataset of flower species and iris data. The second project analyzed personal sleep quality data collected from an iOS application. The final projet analyzed the 2016 and 2017 seasons of professional golfer Justin Thomas.

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Learning R for Data Science

Originally developed as a class project, Learing R for Data Science is evolving into a blog for entry level information regarding R in the field of Data Science. The blog contains several articles and tutorials on how to accomplish several tasks using R. The blog is published using Hugo via RStudio and articles are written in RMarkdown format.

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Phoodie took 2nd place in the college division in the December 2017 Hyland Hackathon, held on the campus of Hyland Software in Westlake, OH. Phoodie was created in one weekend, taken from concept to a production-ready application, built with PHP and MySql. Phoodie combined the proven method of "swiping" popularized by Tinder with the convience of instant food ordering and delivery.

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